Thursday, June 30, 2022

June 30, 2022

Hymn.     This is God’s Wondrous World 

Scripture Lessons:      Psalm 98

                                    Psalm 145


Prayer:   May you breathe in the beauty of summer with its power of transformation. May this beauty permeate all that feels un-beautiful in you. 
May the God of summer give us beauty. 

May you seek and find spaces of repose during these summer months. May these moments refresh and restore the tired places within you. 
May the God of summer give us rest. 

May you be open to times of celebration and recreation that are so much a part of summer. May you find happiness in these times of play and leisure. 
May the God is summer give us joy. 

May your eyes see the wonders of summer’s colours. May these colours delight you and entice you into contemplation and joy. 
May the God of summer give us inner light. 

May you feel the energy of summer rains penetrating thirsty gardens, golf courses, lawns and farmlands. May these rains remind you that your inner thirst needs quenching. May your inner self be refreshed, restored, and renewed. 
May the God of summer give us what we need for healing. 

May you savior the fresh produce that comes to your table and enjoy the fruits of summer’s bounty. 
May the God of summer give a sense of satisfaction in the work of our hands. 

May you find shelter when the stormy skies of summer threaten your safety. 
May the God of summer give us shelter when inner storms threaten our peace of mind and heart. 

May you enjoy the unexpected and find surprises of beauty and happiness as you travel the roads on summer vacation. 
May the God of summer lead us to amazing discoveries as we travel the inner roads of our soul as well. 
( a prayer from Joyce Rupp’s and Macrina Wiederkehr’s The Circle of Life) 

Hymn.      Love Divine #333

As I prepare to go off on vacation, have a safe and blessed summer and I look forward to seeing you again in August. 

Many thanks to all who helped out or supported St Paul’s Strawberry Social this year. 

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Sunday, June 26, 2022


Hymn      Love Divine #333

Scripture Lessons:        II Kings 2:1-14

                                      Psalm 77

                                      Galatians 5:1, 13-25

Hymn.         Jesus Bids Us Shine #585


Prayer:  Some times and places prompt me to pray: 
      paddling along a beach;
      lying on my settee with my cat purring on my stomach; 
      looking at the moon and the stars; 
      walking barefoot through a field of butter ups; 
      sitting in a church, watching the sun shine through coloured glass
      and making changing patterns on stones; 
      smelling bluebells in woods after it’s been raining; 
      curling up warm and cosy when it’s dark and cold outside. 

Some times and places prompt me to pray. 
Words come joyfully and easily. 
Wow!  Beautiful! Thank you, God! Amazing! Amen. ( a prayer written by Ruth Burgess and printed in the Iona Community’s Bare Feet and Buttercups, resources for Ordinary Time)

Hymn.      O Master Let Me Walk with Thee #560

Please note that this Sunday’s service will NOT be held at the Knox Cemetery in St Louis as with this week’s rain it is believed that the road in would not stand up to the traffic. Please join us in Howick and we will worship outside if the weather cooperates. 

This Sunday’s service will be the last service before August as Barbara will be on holiday in July. There will be services alternating between Riverfield and Beechridge churches through the summer. Riverfield’s services are held at 10am and Beechridge’s services are held at 1:30 in the afternoon. Beechridge’s services will be held July 3, 17, and 31st and Riverfield’s services will be held on July 10th and 24th. 

Congratulations to Carmen Lansdowne who has been selected as the new Moderator for the United Church. She will be installed later this summer and serve for 3 years, until a new Moderator is chosen by the next General Council. 

St Paul’s United Church will once again hold its Strawberry Social this year, but as a takeout only version. The Social will be held Thursday, June 30th in the hall, starting at 5pm until the berries run out. The prices will be $8 for adults and $5 for children 5-10. 
There will also be a Bee to fix the strawberries held Wednesday, June 29th at 1pm in the hall. Please bring knives and bowls to use if you are able to help out. 

You might also keep in mind Huntingdon United Church’s Ice Cream Social, which will be held on July 7th in the Huntingdon United Church. 

Friday, June 17, 2022

Sunday, June 19, 2022

This Sunday is the Sunday before National Indigenous Peoples Day which will be observed on June 21st. 

Hymn.     Lord Speak to Me #589VU

Scripture Lessons:       I Kings 19:1-4, 8-15a

                                     Psalm 42-3 p.768VU

                                     Galatians 3:23-29


Prayer: Creator, in love and through love, you have called all things into being. We thank you for you for Mother Earth, our home. We thank you for the heavens that watch over us and the starlight that warms and guides us. We thank you for all the plants— for those that are medicine, for those that express your delight through their beauty and diversity. We thank you for all of our fellow creatures; may we share this earth with the in respect, with reverence. We thank you for soil, for water, fire, air; for forests, plains, and mountains, deserts and tundra and oceans. And now, when so much of the world  is threatened with destruction, help us to walk in humility with gratitude among all these sacred gifts from you. 
       We thank you for being a God of liberation, for you are ever seeking to bring us into the joy of your salvation; into a just, equitable and holistic celebration of life. 
        We thank you for your compassion, which holds each and every one of us. We thank you for coming to us as Jesus, our teacher, brother, and friend— for dying on the cross and breaking the power of death in order to bring back into harmony with you and all of Creation. 

Creator, thank you for your truth and wisdom, and for inviting us to travel the healing path with you; we offer you our hearts and minds so that we might embody your grace and share your blessings with all who live upon the earth. Amen. (from a service for National Indigenous People Day of Prayer prepared by the Rev. Jan Jorgenson, who shares ministry with Robert Patton, a Kanien’keha:ka CongregationalDesignated Minister and Elder, and with the people of Kahnawake United Church. Material from this service is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike License.) 

Hymn.        In Christ There is No East or West #606VU

Next Sunday there will be a 9:30 service in Franklin and in Howick we are hoping to hold an outdoor service, hopefully at the Knox Cemetery in St Louis de Gonzague at 11:00. If the weather does not cooperate we will be in the church as usual. Please keep in touch as decisions may have to be made next week about where the service will be. 

The Trustees of Howick United Church will be providing some grocery gift cards to Ukrainian families that arrive in the area as a welcome. 4 cards have been purchased and more may be provided if needed. If you know of some families in the area, please let Debbi Templeton know. (also donations for more cards if needed gratefully accepted!)

There will be a meeting of St Paul’s Stewards held this week on Wednesday, June 22nd at 7:30 pm in the hall. 

St Paul’s will once again be holding a Strawberry Social, though it will not be eat-in, but takeout only instead. It will be held Thursday, June 30th at MacDougall Hall.  The prices will be $8 for adults and $5 for children 5-10. The Social begins at 5pm and continues until the berries are gone. 

There will also be a bee to fix the berries on Wednesday June 29th in the hall, at 1pm. If you are able to come and help fix the berries, please bring a bowl or two and a knife as well as an apron. 

There will be a summer event held in Cornwall this summer. It will be held August 13-14 in Cornwall ON and will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of the UCW. This event is offered by the Eastern Ontario Outaouais UCW. For more information, please check the poster on the bulletin board. 

Friday, June 10, 2022

Sunday, June 12, 2022 Trinity Sunday


Hymn Holy Holy Holy #315VU

Prayer:  Almighty God, beginning and end; giver of food and drink, clothing and warmth, love and hope: life in all its goodness— we praise and adore you. 

Lord Jesus, carpenter’s son; lover of outcasts, friend of the poor; one of us yet one with God; crucified and risen: life in the midst of death— we praise and adore you. 

Holy Spirit, storm and breath of love; bridge builder, eye-opener, living power of Jesus; water of the oppressed, God of the unexpected, untameable energy of life— we praise and adore you. 

Holy Trinity, forever one, whose nature is community; source of all sharing, in whom we love, and meet, and know our neighbour, life in all is fullness, making all things new— we praise and adore you. 
(a prayer by Brian Wren and printed in Bread of Tomorrow, prayers for the church year edited by Janet Morley) 

Scripture Lessons:       Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31

                                     Psalm 8 p.732VU

                                     Romans 5:1-5


Hymn     For the Beauty of the Earth #226

A Benediction for Trinity Sunday: God be the road on which you travel: 
He the mountains on which you are tested and challenged
He the wells at which you find healing and peace. 

Christ be the light by which you travel: 
He the vision which informs and enlarges you
He the lodestar shining in your darkest nights. 

The Spirit inspire you as you travel: 
She the restlessness driving you onwards
She the stillness leading you to the heart of God. 

The Trinity, the Three, go with you as you travel; 
and May your journey begin
And end in them. (written by Pat Bennett and published in the Iona Community’s Fire and Bread)

This week is Fair week and there will be no Sunday service in Howick but there will be services in Franklin (9:30) and Ormstown (11:00). 

We were saddened to hear of Norman Fletcher’s death this past week. We hold his family and friends in our thoughts and prayers. 

Howick United Church Stewards will be meeting this week on Wednesday, June 15th at 7pm in the church hall. 

St Paul’s United Church Stewards will meet Wednesday, June 22nd at 7:30pm in the church hall. 

St Paul’s will be holding a takeout only Strawberry “Social” at MacDougall Hall in Ormstown on Thursday, June 30th from 5pm. Prices will be $8 for adults and $5 for children between the ages of 5-10. 

Volunteers will also be needed to fix the strawberries on Wednesday, June 29th. We will be fixing the berries from 1pm in the church hall. If you can, please bring bowls and a knife (and maybe an apron!). 

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Sunday, June 5, 2022 Pentecost Sunday


Hymn.      O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing #326

Prayer: O Holy Spirit of God, Spirit of truth, of light, of love, by whom Jesus is made known to us and through whom the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts: come upon us in the power of Pentecost, to renew in us such gifts and graces as will glorify God and equip us for ministry and witness in the Church and in the world; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Scripture Lessons.        Psalm 104:24-34

                                      Acts 2:1-21


Prayer:  Almighty God, you have taught us in your word that the fruit of the Spirit is love. 
Give us by your Spirit the realization of that love in our hearts: the love that is patient, kind, and envies no one; the love that is never boastful, conceited, or rude; the love that is never selfish, nor quick to take offence; the love that does not gloat over other’s sins but delights in the truth; the love that will never end. Above all else help us, O God our Father, to know that Christ is love in person, and love is Christ in our hearts. Amen ( both prayers by Llewelyn Cummings and published in Frank Colquhoun’s Contemporary Parish Prayers.)

Hymn      Breathe on Me Breath of God #382

This Sunday is also Anniversary Sunday in Howick. There will be a gathering with a light lunch following the service. All welcome to join in the celebration. 

Howick’s Stewards are scheduled to meet Wednesday, June 15th at 7pm in the church. 

St Paul’s United Church in Ormstown will be holding its Strawberry Social again, this year as a takeout only event. It will be held Thursday, June 30th from 5:00 until the strawberries are gone, in MacDougall Hall. The price will be $8 for adults and $5 for children 5-10. The strawberries will be fixed the day before, Wednesday, June 29th starting about 1:00. All help gratefully accepted. 

Thursday, May 26, 2022

May 29, 2022 The Seventh Sunday of Easter


Hymn       Blest be the Tie that Binds #602VU

Prayer: Lord, teach us to pray. 
   Help us to come with boldness to the throne of grace. 
   Make us conscious of your presence in our midst. 
   Give us the freedom of the Holy Spirit. 
   Enlarge our vision and increase our faith. 
   And May our words and our thoughts be now acceptable in your sight, O Lord our rock and our redeemer. Amen ( a prayer by Frank Colquhoun from Contemporary Parish Prayers.)

Scripture Lessons:       Acts 16:16-34

                                     Psalm 97 p.817VU

                                     John 17:20-26


Prayer: God of history, you share our joys and crushing sorrows, you hear the cries of the afflicted, you fill the hungry, and you set free the oppressed. We pray for an end to all injustice and violence. Inspire us with the all-embracing love of God, challenge us with the sacrificial love of Jesus, empower us with the transforming love of the Spirit, that we and all God’s children may live and be free. Amen. (a prayer from the Iona Community’s Iona Abbey Worship Book, adapted.)

Hymn      What a Friend We Have in Jesus #664


This Sunday May 29th there will be a single combined service for our three congregations to be held in Howick United Church at 11am. All are welcome to come and share our celebration. 

Next Sunday will be Pentecost Sunday. There will be a 9:30 service in Ormstown and in Howick it will also be Anniversary Sunday, with an 11:00 service and a light lunch to follow. There will not be a service in Howick on June 12th due to the Ormstown Fair. There will be services held in Franklin (9:30) and in Ormstown (11:00). 

The deadline is approaching for those who would like to apply for the Hugh Duncan or IFE bursaries through the Nakonhaka Regional Council. The deadline is June 3rd and is available to confirmed members of the United Church of Canada. More information and the application form are available at the region’s website (, in our churches, or by contacting Barbara directly. 

Also, it is still possible to register to attend the UnitedSpiritCamp offered through the Regional Council. The camp will be held June 26- July 2nd for young people between the ages of 8-15. The camp will be held at Camp Biblique d’Action  near Richmond QC. The cost for the camp is $400. and help with this cost may be made available. The registration form is available in our churches or online at the camp’s website. 

Friday, May 20, 2022

Sunday, May 22, 2022 The Sixth Sunday of Easter


Hymn.     Shall We Gather at the River #710VU

Scripture Lessons:        Acts 16:9-14

                                      Psalm 67

                                       Revelation 21: 10, 21:22-22:5

Hymn      I’ve Got Peace Like a River #577


Prayer:  O God, we come to you in the assurance that you are present with us now. We do not have to seek your presence. We are daily living in your presence. Make us aware of it. Make it real to us. And help us in these moments of prayer to know that we are speaking to one who is near and not far off, whose love is all around us and who knows our every need. We ask it through our Saviour Jesus the Christ. Amen. (a prayer by Frank Colquhoun and published in Contemporary Parish Prayers edited by F. Colquhoun.)

Hymn           Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah #651VU

This Sunday there will be services in Franklin (9:30am) and in Howick (11:00). Next Sunday there will be a combined service for all three congregations in Howick at 11:00. 

The following Sunday will be Pentecost Sunday. There will be a 9:30 service in Ormstown and in Howick an 11:00 service. In Howick this will also be our Anniversary Sunday and the service will be followed by a light lunch of sandwiches and cake. 

There will be no service in Howick on June 12th, Fair Sunday. 

The time has come to apply for the Hugh Duncan or IFE bursaries, provided through the Nakonhaka Regional Council. The bursaries are available to members of the United Church, both college and university students. The deadline is June 3rd. Forms and more information are available on the region’s website ( or you may contact Barbara for the form and more information. 

The UnitedSpirit Camp, a camp of the Nakonhaka Regional Council is inviting registrations. The camp will take place June 26th to July 2nd at the Camp D’Action Biblique for young people between the ages of 8-15. The cost is $400.00. For more information, check out the registration form on the bulletin board or contact the camp directly: 

Friday, May 13, 2022

Sunday, May 15, 2022, The Fifth Sunday of Easter


Hymn.     Come Let Us Sing of a Wonderful Love #57

Prayer: O Christ, had we faith enough to move mountains, without love what would we be? 
But you love us. 
Without your Spirit who lives in our hearts, what would we be? 
But you love us. 
Taking everything upon yourself, you open for us a way towards the peace of God, who wants neither suffering nor human distress. 
Spirit of the Risen Christ, spirit of compassion, spirit of praise, your love for each one of us will never fail, and we thank you. Amen. (a prayer from the Taize community, adapted.)

Scripture Lessons:       Revelation 21:1-6

                                     Psalm 148 p.871VU

                                     John 13:31-35

Hymn.      O Love that Wilt Not Let Me Go #658


Prayer:  God, kindle within our hearts today a flame of love for our neighbours, for our foes, for our friends, for our people, for the brave, for the cowardly, for the thoughtless ones. 
O Christ, son of Mary, in all that we love May we serve you, from the lowliest thing that lives, to the name that is highest of all. Amen ( a prayer from the Scottish Celtic tradition published in the Iona Community’s Wild Goose Worship Group’s A Wee Worship Book, 4th incarnation.)

Hymn.      Love Divine #333VU

This week’s services will be held in Howick at 9:30 and in Ormstown at 11:00. (The service in Ormstown will also be available from the parking lot on a car radio at the frequency 87.7.) Next week’s services will follow the usual pattern, 9:30 in Franklin and Howick at 11am. The following Sunday, May 29th is a fifth Sunday and a combined service will be held at 11am in Howick. All are welcome. 

June 5th will be Pentecost Sunday. There will be a 9:30 service in Ormstown and in Howick this will be Anniversary Sunday as well. The 11:00 service will be followed by a lunch of sandwiches and cake. 

It is now the time to start or to renew a subscription for Broadview, the United Church’s magazine. The cost is $25.00 for a year’s subscription. You can give the cash or send the money by e-transfer to Wilene Cullen. Please clearly identify that this is for Broadview and if it is a new subscription, please include mailing details as well. 

St Paul’s Session will be meeting Tuesday, May 17th at 7:30pm at the hall. 

St Paul’s Stewards will meet on Wednesday, May 18th at 7:30pm at the hall. 

Friday, May 6, 2022

Sunday, May 8, 2022 Good Shepherd Sunday

 This Sunday is also Christian Family Sunday and we pray for God’s blessings on all families, and on all the women of the community, who may be mothers or grandmothers, aunties,  foster mothers, or caregivers and who make God’s love live in our homes and communities. 

Hymn       Praise My Soul the God of Heaven #240

Prayer: Loving God, Father, Mother of our being, recall to my heart always your tender love and faithfulness. Like children who can look eagerly toward their mother’s kiss and their father’s embrace, may I run freely toward your open arms, yielding myself totally to the joy you hold out to me. Amen. ( a prayer from Jacqueline Syrup Bergman and S. Marie Schwan’s Taste and See.)

Scripture Lessons:      Acts 9:36-43

                                    Psalm 23 p.749 VU

                                    John 10:22-30

Hymn.       The Lord’s My Shepherd #747VU


Prayer: We give you thanks, Gentle One who has touched our soul. You have loved us from the moment of our first waking and have held us in joy and in grief. Stay with us, we pray. Grace us with your presence and with it, the fullness of our own humanity. Help us claim our strength and need, our awesomeness and fragile beauty, that encouraged by the truth we might work to restore compassion to the human family and renew the face of the earth. Amen. (a prayer from More Than Words by Janet Schaffran and Pat Kozak)

Hymn        He Leadeth Me #657VU

For members of Howick, or those who would like to receive the Broadview magazine, the time has come! The cost is $25 for the year and can be given to Wilene Cullen or sent by e-transfer. Please identify the envelope or e transfer as for your Broadview subscription. The deadline for renewing or subscribing is May 22nd. 

Worship Schedule: May 8 Christian Family Sunday 9:30 Franklin    11:00 Ormstown
                                          11:00 Howick with Debbie Beattie
May 15.    9:30.   Howick.      11:00.     Ormstown
May 22.    9:30.    Franklin      11:00.    Howick 
May 29.    11:00.    Combined service in Howick 
June 5.      9:30.     Pentecost service in Ormstown.    
                 11:00.     Pentecost and Anniversary service in Howick, followed by sandwich lunch and cake

Friday, April 29, 2022

Sunday, May 1, 2022 The Third Sunday of Easter

 This coming week is Mental Health Awareness Week. Are you doing anything to care for yourself or someone else? Maybe this is something we can consider this week. 💞

Hymn       This Joyful Eastertide #177

Scripture Lessons:    Acts 9:1-20

                                  Psalm 30

                                  John 21:1-19


An Easter Affirmation of Faith: We believe that resurrection is always possible. 
We believe in resurrections because of what we know happened in Jesus. 
We see a living faith as witness to Christ’s resurrection. 
We also affirm other resurrections which have happened. 
We know persons who have been turned around in their lives and given a brand new start. 
And because of the resurrections we have seen we affirm that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS 
        a hopeless situation
        an unredeemable person
        a death without eternal life. 
We look forward to the final resurrection when all the world will be one with God. Amen. (from Sisters and Brothers Sing! A book of music and worship resources from Sharon and Tom Neufer Emswiler) 

Prayer:  God of all life, we give you thanks for the signs of your love that surround us; 
for sun and warmth and all that comes to life within creation; 
for all that sleeps within the earth awaiting birth.
We praise you for the wisdom of your touch: water on the earth, sunlight on spirits, hands on blinded eyes. Continue to touch us. Reach out to us with compassion and forgiveness, that knowing ourselves to be loved and graced, we might work to bring your Reign. Amen. (a prayer from Janet Schaffran and Pat Kozak’s More Than Words, prayer and ritual for inclusive communities.) 

Hymn     Thine is the Glory #173

This week we welcome Gwendolyn Tolhurst into the family of God and the church of Jesus Christ through the sacrament of baptism, which was rescheduled from March. 

The time has come to renew your subscriptions to Broadview, the United Church’s magazine. The cost for 10 issues is $25.00 which can be given (or e-transferred!) to Wilene Cullen, marked for Broadview. The deadline for renewing or starting your subscription is May 22nd. 

We hold in our thoughts and prayers the family and friends of James McGerrigle, who died this past week. A private service will be held for the family at a future date. 

We also hold in our thoughts and prayers the family and friends of Isabelle Sutton, who died this winter. Her family held a graveside service on Saturday, April 30th at the Bethel Cemetery. 

This past Thursday was Yom Hashoah, a time to remember the Holocaust and commit ourselves to try to stop the hate that leads to events like this. Maybe it is a time to lead a little more about it or other places of concern in the world? 

Friday, April 22, 2022

Sunday, April 24, 2022, the Second Sunday of Easter


Hymn.     The Day of Resurrection #164

Prayer:  In you we live and move. In you we have our being. We are in your love; Enfolded by your peace; Surrounded but your might. 
Open our eyes, Lord. Enlarge our vision. Open our hearts, Lord. Increase our faith. Open our minds, Lord. Deepen our knowing. 
We are in your love. Enfolded in your peace. Surrounded by your might. In you we live and move. In you we have our being. (from The Open Gate, Celtic Prayers for Growing Spirituality by David Adam.) 

Scripture Lessons:        Revelation 1:4-8

                                      Psalm 150 p.874VU

                                      John 20:19-31


Prayer:  On this Earth Sunday, let us pray for planet earth and for all living things.  We pray that there will be careful use of the earth’s resources, that forests, waters, soil, and air may be kept clean and that life in all its abundance will flourish. May blessing and peace abound. This is our prayer. 
   Let us pray for those countries where people continue in conflict with each other— fighting for freedom of speech, religious or cultural expression. We pray for Yemen, for Ukraine, for Somalia and so many other places…. May blessing and peace abound. This is our prayer. 
    Let us pray for those communities suffering as a result of natural catastrophe— flood, drought, earthquake, fire— where lives, homes, and livelihoods have been destroyed, including South Africa, and Arizona. May blessing and peace abound. This is our prayer. 
   Let us pray for emergency workers— for fire fighters, search and rescue personnel, aid workers, peacekeepers and peacemakers— and all those who respond to crisis situations. Especially we pray for those committed to the rebuilding and restoration of broken community. May blessing and peace abound. This is our prayer. Amen. (a prayer by Lynne Frith, of Aotearoa/New Zealand, and printed in Marin Tirabassi and Kathy Wonson Eddy’s Gifts in Open Hands).

Hymn.     Alleluia, Sing to Jesus

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Sunday, April 17, 2022, Easter Sunday

 Hymn      Come Children Join to Sing #345VU

Prayer: O God, as we celebrate with joy the resurrection of Jesus our Saviour, help us to make the Easter faith a deeper reality in our lives; that we may know something more of the peace he bequeathed to his disciples, and lay hold of the victory he won for us over sin and death, rejoicing in the hope of the life immortal which is ours in him, our Redeemer and Lord. Amen. (a prayer by Frank Colquhoun, published in Contemporary Parish Prayers).

Scripture Lessons:      Isaiah 65:17-25

                                    Psalm 118:14-24 p.837VU pts 2, 3

                                    Luke 24:1-12

Hymn     Christ Arose


Prayer:  Risen Christ, hear the prayer of my heart, not the dull confusion of my mind. Hear the tears I will not shed, the grief I hide in busyness, and bring your resurrection love weaving new life. 
       Risen Christ, hear the prayer of my heart not the words of foolish boasting. Hear the doubts within my soul, dark denials freezing action, and shine your resurrection light revealing new life. 
       Risen Christ, hear the prayer of my heart not the fear I hide behind. Hear the longing for a fairer world, for God’s Justice and compassion, and bring your resurrection power enabling new life. Amen. (a prayer by Chris Polhill, printed in the Iona Community’s worship resource, Fire and Bread.)

Hymn      Christ the Lord is Risen Today #157VU

A blessed Easter to you all! Throughout the coming weeks and months we will continue to celebrate our Easter faith. 

St Paul’s Stewards will be meeting on Wednesday, April 20th at 7:30pm in the hall. 

The time has come to renew subscriptions to Broadview. The cost is $25 to be paid to Wilene Cullen by May 22nd. 

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Good Friday April 15, 2022

 Hymn    Go to Dark Gethsemane #133VU

Prayer:  O God in heaven, as your people prepare once more to follow the events of Good Friday and Easter, may we be led by your Spirit to deeper insights into your love and saving grace; that we may love you more and serve you better, for the sake of him who died for us and rose again, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen. (a prayer by Roger Pickering and printed in Frank Colquhoun’s Contemporary Parish Prayers)

Scripture Lessons:       Isaiah 52:13-53:12

                                     Psalm 22 p.744-5 VU part 1

                                     John 19:1-30

Hymn        What Wondrous Love is This #147


Prayer:  On those days when life seems too demanding with all its cares, burdens, and concerns….
Jesus, grant us strength to carry our cross. 

When we experience great loneliness deep inside and the pain of separation fills our spirits…..
Jesus, grant us strength to carry our cross. 

When we feel the pain of our world and unite in compassion with the Eath’s suffering people….
Jesus, grant us strength to carry our cross. 

When we feel weary and worn out, when it seems like all of our energy has been drained away….
Jesus, grant us strength to carry our cross. 

When we feel discouraged, desolate, and depressed and want to withdraw from others…..
Jesus, grant us strength to carry our cross. 

When worries and concerns choke our peacefulness and leave us with anxiety and fear…..
Jesus, grant us strength to carry our cross. 

Crucified Jesus, help us to take up our cross day by day. Through these crosses we can grow closer to you. Help us to lean on you and learn from you. May we not give in to self-pity or self doubt. Rather, let us trust in your presence which strengthens us. Encourage us on our tomb-like days. Remind us of your resurrection. Grant us the strength to carry our cross. Amen. (adapted from a  prayer by Joyce Rupp published in her book Out of the Ordinary)

Hymn      When I Survey the Wondrous Cross #149VU

For Easter Sunday, there will be in-person worship in Howick at 9:30, with the celebration of the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper; and in Ormstown at 11am, but Communion will not be celebrated.  Also in Ormstown, the FM transmitter will be set up so those who are not comfortable attending in person, can take in the service from the church parking lot on your car radio. The frequency is 87.7. 

St Paul’s Stewards will be meeting on Wednesday, April 20th at 7:30pm in the hall. 

The time has come for subscriptions to Broadview to be renewed. The cost is $25, to be paid to Wilene Cullen, and the deadline for renewal is May 22nd. 

Friday, April 8, 2022

Sunday, April 10, 2022

 Hymn       Hosanna Loud Hosanna #123VU

Prayer:  O God, maker of heaven and earth and ruler of sky and sea, it is in our hearts that you wish to reign. Help us to give ourselves without reserve to the one who entered Jerusalem on a donkey and received a crown of thorns; for he is now with you in glory, reigning with you to the end of time. Amen. 

Scripture Lessons:       Philippians 2:5-11

                                     Psalm 118:19-29

                                    Luke 19:28-40


Hymn      My Song is Love Unknown #143V U

Prayer:  O Christ, you entered the city as a poor man, not in style, but simply, yet you still caused uproar, and questions everywhere; you drew the expectations of a hungry crowd, and brought buried conflicts to the light. May we, who are sometimes swayed by the crowd’s approval, and who often avoid conflict for fear of its cost to us, hold fast to the gospel of peace and Justice and follow faithfully in your way of compassion and solidarity with those who are poor and excluded, wherever it may lead us. Amen. (a prayer by Kathy Galloway and printed in the Iona Community’s Lenten worship resource, Eggs and Ashes). 

Hymn      Ride on, Ride on in Majesty #127VU

There is an Easter message offered by our current Moderator, the Right Reverend Richard Bott. It can be found on the United Church’s YouTube channel, on Facebook, or at the United Church’s website, 

Next Sunday, our Easter services will be held in Howick at 9:30, with communion, and in Ormstown at St Paul’s at 11:00, but communion will not be held there. We are planning to have the FM transmitter set up in Ormstown, for those who would prefer not to attend the service in-person. 

Friday, April 1, 2022

Sunday, April 3, 2022, The Fifth Sunday of Lent


Hymn      New Every Morning #405VU

Prayer:  O God our Creator, your kindness has brought us the gift of a new day. Help us to leave yesterday, and not to covet tomorrow, but to accept the uniqueness of today. 

By your love, celebrated in your Word, seen in your Son, brought near by your Spirit, take from us what we need carry no longer, so that we may be free again to choose to serve you and to be served by each other. 

Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy upon us. Amen. ( a prayer from the Iona Community, printed in the Iona Community Worship Book)

Scripture Lessons:  Isaiah 43:16-21

                                Psalm 126

                                John 12:1-8


Prayer: Living God, our loving parent: you cherish your creation and we praise you. 
With earth, air, water, fire: in our element as your children, we praise you. 
With our lips, with our lives, in all our diversity, each one made in your image, we praise you. 
Because, in Jesus, you came to share our human lives, our sorrow and joy, we praise you. 
Because your Spirit is at work today: encouraging, enabling, surprising us, we praise you. 
Poor as we are, you give us hope: salt of the earth, you give us meaning and purpose and we praise you. Amen. ( a prayer from the Iona Community, printed in the Iona Abbey worship book.)

Hymn       Take My Life and Let It Be #506VU

We hold in our thoughts and prayers the family and friends of Bill Ness, May Scoble, and Jane Younie who have died this past week. 

St Paul’s Session will meet on Tuesday, April 5th at 7:30pm in the hall. 

The Board of Stewards of Howick United Church will meet on Wednesday, April 6th at 7pm in the church hall. 

Friday, March 25, 2022

Sunday, March 27, 2022 The Fourth Sunday of Lent


Hymn        Come Let Us Sing of a Wonderful Love #574VU

Prayer:   O God, tirelessly you seek out those who are looking for you and who think that you are far away; teach us, at every moment, to place our spirits in your hands. While we are still looking for you, already you have found us. However poor our prayer, you hear us far more than we can imagine or believe. Amen ( a prayer from the Taize community.)

Scripture Lessons:  II Corinthians 5:16-21

                                Psalm 32:1-9

                                Luke 15:1-3, 11-32


Prayer: By the prayers of Jesus, God, teach us how to pray. 
By the stories of Jesus, God, teach us how to listen and to hear. 
By the gifts of Jesus, God, teach us how to give. 
By the love of Jesus, God, teach us how to love. 
By the cross of Jesus, God, teach us how to live and to serve. ( adapted from a prayer published in Frank Colquhoun’s Contemporary Parish Prayers. )

Hymn       Amazing Grace #266

The Board of Stewards in Howick will meet for a meeting Wednesday, April 6th at 7pm in the church. 

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Sunday, March 20, 2022 The Third Sunday of Lent

 Today is the first day of spring! You can look for a few signs of new life in the world around us. Another kind of new life: tomorrow (March 21st) is the International Day for the Elimination of Racism. 

Hymn.     As Comes the Breath of Spring #373

Prayer: O God, with Lent we approach the springtime of the year when the face of the earth is renewed and life emerges out of death. 
   We pray that this season of Lent may be a veritable springtime for our souls, so that our lives, quickened by the breath of the Spirit and warmed by the sunshine of your love, may bear abundant fruit and be made radiant with the beauty of holiness; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. ( a prayer by Frank Colquhoun and published in Contemporary Parish Prayers)

Scripture Lessons:      Isaiah 55:1-11

                                    Psalm 63:1-8 p.781VU

                                    Luke 13:1-9


Prayer: Our Lord, who is in us here on earth, holy is your name in the hungry who share their bread and their song.
   Your Kingdom come, which is a generous land that flows with milk and honey. 
   Let us do your will, standing up when all are sitting down, and raising our voice when all are silent. 
   You are giving us our daily bread in the song of the bird and the miracle of the corn. 
   Forgive us for keeping silent in the face of injustice, and for burying our dreams, for not sharing bread and wine, love and the land, among us, now. 
   Don’t let us fall into the temptation of shutting the door through fear; of resigning ourselves to hunger and injustice; of taking up the same arms as the enemy. 

   Give us the perseverance and the solidarity to look for love, even if the path has not yet been trodden, even if we fall; so we shall have known your kingdom which is being built forever and ever. Amen. ( a prayer and meditation based on the Lord’s Prayer from Central America, shortened. Published in Bread of Tomorrow, edited by Janet Morley.)

Hymn      I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say #626

This afternoon in Howick we will be celebrating the sacrament of baptism with the Johnson-Tolhurst family. We will Gwendolyn Tolhurst into the family of God and the church of Jesus Christ. 

If you wish to make a donation to support the people and refugees of Ukraine, you can do so through the United Church. This can be done through the United Church’s secure death nation page, from its website,; or by phone with a credit card to 1-800-268-3781 or with a cheque by mail to the United Church of Canada, Philanthropy Unit-Emergency Response, 3250 Bloor St West, Suite 200, Toronto, On, M8X 2Y4. 

Friday, March 11, 2022

Sunday, March 13, 2022 The Second Sunday of Lent

 Hope your International Women’s Day was happy! Now we are looking forward to St Patrick’s Day! 🍀

Hymn     Stand Up and Bless the Lord

Prayer:  Gracious God, you call us into your church to accept the cost and joy of discipleship. Help us to understand and accept the costs of following Christ, that we may know the joy you intend for the faithful. Make us lifelong learners in the school of faithfulness, through Jesus Christ. Amen. ( a prayer by Ruth C. Duck and published in Flames of the Spirit)

Scripture Lessons:     Philippians 3:17-4:1

                                   Psalm 27 p.754-5

                                   Luke 13:31-35


Prayer:  O God, you gather us; your outspread wings gather us for protection, for comfort, for nurture. You hold us close, and we are at rest. May we too, gather in all those in need of protection and comfort, nurture and rest. May we spread our wings of caring. 

O God, you invite us to return. Your wings offer a warm place a home that is a place of love and compassion. May we return to this home: a place we can be still, a place we feel your gentle touch. 

O God, you comfort us. With your loving wings holding us close, we know ourselves to be loved by you. May we in turn offer comfort, holding close those in need— those who hear for the first time: God is love. 

O God, on your wings we soar. We live in your energy and spirit. You renew us; you encourage and strengthen. May we in turn encourage and strengthen. May our strong wings uphold others that together we may soar unafraid. Amen. ( a prayer by Rosemary C. Mitchell and adapted and published in Birthings and Blessings II)

Hymn       Standing on the Promises

The United Church has launched a special appeal for Ukraine. You can contribute online, through the United Church’s website, by phone with a credit card, or by mail. Howick United Church at its annual meeting has chosen to support Ukrainians through the Red Cross from the Outreach Fund, because the funds will be doubled by the federal government. (though I see that the 10 million has now been matched and the offer is complete.) 

This Sunday, March 13th, Franklin will be holding its annual meeting, beginning at 9am. St Paul’s in Ormstown will be holding its annual meeting, in combination with the Sunday service, March 20th, beginning at 11am. We will be reviewing both the years 2020 and 2021. Annual reports will be available at the meeting. 

Howick United Church will be holding a Session meeting on Tuesday, March 15th at 7pm in the church. 

St Paul’s United Church (Ormstown) will hold a Stewards meeting Wednesday, March 16th at 7:30 pm in the hall. 

Friday, March 4, 2022

Sunday, March 6, 2022 The First Sunday of Lent

 Happy International Women’s Day! Okay, this is a couple of days early, but we give thanks for the women of our church who have taught, led, supported and worked hard to sustain and renew our churches. 

Hymn      We Praise You O God #218VU

Prayer:  O God, we confess that sometimes we come to you reluctantly, afraid of what we might have to give up or change when we enter your presence. In our reluctance, we often miss opportunities for your grace to touch us, and through us to touch others. Touch us that we might be healed; forgive us that we might be born again. Amen. (a prayer printed in the United Church’s worship resource Celebrate God’s Presence) 

Scripture Lessons:     Deuteronomy 26:1-11

                                   Psalm 91:1,2, 9-16 p.807VU

                                   Luke 4:1-13


Prayer: O God, you know us through and through, you know the many choices we face each day. We choose between right and wrong; we choose between greater and lesser evils; we choose what will be important to us in life. As you strengthened Jesus to choose rightly when he was tempted in the wilderness, so strengthen us, through your presence and Spirit, when we face temptation, that we may walk in the paths most pleasing to you. Amen. (a prayer by Ruth C Duck and printed in Bread for the Journey, edited by Ruth C Duck.)

Hymn      O Jesus I Have Promised #120VU

This week we will be returning to public worship in the rest of our churches. There will be a 9:30 service in Ormstown and a combined worship service and annual meeting in Howick, beginning at 11:00. Next Sunday Franklin will hold a combined worship service and annual meeting beginning at 9:00. Ormstown’s annual meeting and service is tentatively scheduled for March 20th, beginning at 11:00. Masks and social distancing will continue to be needed, but no vaccine passports! 

Good news! Howick’s Membership Roll book has been re-located and is being updated. 

 An addition: I have just seen a report of the death of one of the United Church’s former Moderators. We give thanks for his life of faith and the service and leadership he provided to our church and to the Christian church and to the country throughout his life.                        

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Sunday, February 27, 2022 Transfiguration Sunday

 This is a busy week! This is the end of the season of Epiphany and on Wednesday we begin the season of Lent with Ash Wednesday. Are you planning pancakes for Shrove Tuesday? On giving up or making changes for Lent? Maybe starting a study series or reading program? We are expecting to get services started in all of our churches this month, so we hope to see you there! 

Hymn        When Morning Gilds the Skies #339VU

Scripture Lessons:     Exodus 34:29-35

                                   Psalm 99 p.819VU

                                   Luke 9:28-36

Hymn    O Christ the Word Incarnate #499VU


Another excerpt from the Song of Faith, the United Church’s most recent statement of faith:

…We place our hope in God. 
We sing of a life beyond life
   and a future good beyond imagining: 
   a new heaven and a new earth, 
   the end of sorrow, pain, and tears, 
   Christ’s return and life with God, 
   the making new of all things. 
We yearn for the coming of that future, 
even while participating in eternal life now. 

Divine creation does not cease
   until all things have found wholeness, union, and integration
    with the common ground of all being. 
As children of the Timeless One, 
   our time-bound lives will find completion
   In the all-embracing Creator. 
In the meantime, we embrace the present, 
   embodying hope, loving our enemies, caring for the earth, 
choosing life. 

Grateful for God’s loving action, 
   we cannot keep from singing. 
Creating and seeking relationship, 
   in awe and trust, 
we witness to Holy Mystery who is Wholly Love. Amen. 

Prayer:  Transforming God, we give thanks for your loving presence in our lives, for the opportunity to answer your call to us, and for the transformation you bring about in us when we truly answer that call.  Help us to know that change, that growth, and that improvement in us as clearly as the disciples saw the transfiguration of Jesus on the mountaintop. Make us yours in this hour of worship, O God, and throughout our lives, we pray. Amen. 

Most of this was planned before the invasion of Ukraine began, so here is a prayer from our Moderator on that as well: 
The world sits below a precipice, waiting, after the first stone has been pushed to the edge and started to roll.
And we wonder, where will it stop.
We wonder, what lives will be lost— who will die on *this* war’s altars? 
I pray for the decision-makers of the world, 
Including Mr. Putin, 
that they would find a way to
bring this to an end now; 
that they would find a way out—
for the people of Ukraine, 
the people of Russia,
 for the world. 
Tonight, I pray for all those who are protesting
this decision for war by the Russian government,
especially those Russian citizens 
who are standing in the face of their government, 
who are risking arrest and harsh punishment, 
by telling their leaders this invasion must stop. 
I pray for the people of Ukraine. 
For the the ones who are picking up arms
to defend themselves and those they love.
For the ones who are trying to get themselves, 
their families, and their neighbours, 
to safe haven, away from the fighting. 
For the ones who are sleeping 
in the subway, or in the basement, or in a cellar, for fear of the bombings. 
I pray for the most vulnerable, 
the ones who don’t understand what is happening, 
and rely on others for their safety; 
and for those who carry the burden
of protection and care. 
I pray for them all, God.
But, most of all, 
I pray that your peace would pour down
like a God-aweful waterfall,
that those who, for whatever reason, 
are choosing to make this happen, 
would find all of their reasons and rationalizations 
washed away by your overwhelming peace, 
and your infinite love. 
Help us, God. 
As individuals, as communities, 
As nation-states, 
help us to be peace-bearers. 
Overwhelm all that would kill and destroy, 
we pray, 
with your forever love, 
and your amazing grace. 
In Christ’s name, 
I ask these things. 
Amen. ( prayer shared on Facebook by our Moderator, Richard Bott, as the invasion began, some changes in format were made.)

Hymn.     Be Thou My Vision

I hope members of the Howick congregation have received their copies of the annual report. If you have not yet received one, please let us know and we will try to ensure you have received one in time to review it before the annual meeting which will be held March 6th combined with the worship service, beginning at 11am. 

The annual reports for Ormstown and Franklin are available in the churches or you can give me a call and pick one up at the manse as well. Franklin is planning to hold its annual meetings for 2020 and 2021 on March 13th, starting at 9am, combined with the worship service. 

We will be returning to our regular schedule of services, starting March 6th, 9:30 at Ormstown and 11:00 at Howick (which is also the annual meeting).  

Best wishes to Margo McKinnon, who is moving into a new apartment in Vaudreuil after her husband Tom’s death earlier this year. Margo, we hope you will be able to come out and visit us again, once the weather is warmer and better! 
This Friday is World Day of Prayer. I am not aware of any local services taking place this year (again) but a virtual service is available on the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada website, This year’s service is from England, Wales, and Ireland. 

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Sunday, February 20, 2022


Hymn.      Praise My Soul the God of Heaven #240VU

Scripture Lessons:     Psalm 37:1-11, 39,40 p.763VU

                                   Luke 6:27-36

Hymn.     There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy #271VU


Another excerpt from the United Church’s latest statement of faith, the Song of Faith: 

…God is creative and self-giving,
   generously moving
   in all the near and distant corners of the universe. 
Nothing exists that does not find its source in God. 
Our first response to God’s providence is gratitude. 
We sing thanksgiving. 

Finding ourselves in a world of beauty and mystery, 
   of living things, diverse and interdependent, 
   of complex patterns of growth and evolution, 
   Of subatomic particles and cosmic swirls, 
we sing of God the Creator, 
the Maker and Source of all that is. 

Each part of creation reveals unique aspects of God the Creator, 
   who is both in creation and beyond it. 
All parts of creation, animate and inanimate, are related. 
All creation is good. 
We sing of the Creator, 
   who made humans to live and move
   and have their being in God. 
In and with God, 
   we can direct our lives toward right relationship
   with each other and with God. 
We can discover our place as one strand in the web of life. 
We can grow in wisdom and compassion. 
We can recognize all people as kin. 
We can accept our mortality and finite de, not as a curse, 
   but as a challenge to make our lives and choices matter. …

Prayer:  Loving God, you know our weakness and the extent of our failure to love you and to be another. You see the sincerity of our efforts as well. Look upon us who have been offended and lift up our hearts. Look upon us who have given offence and help us heal the hurt we have caused. As we willingly, with your help, forgive one another. We ask you to forgive us and fill us with your healing power and grace. Amen. ( a prayer from More than Words by Janet Schaffran and Pat Kozak.) 

Hymn     Amazing Grace #266 VU

The annual reports for our churches have now been printed. The Howick reports will be delivered where possible to your mailbox this weekend, so keep an eye out! This is so you have time to review them before the annual meeting which is planned for Sunday, March 6th (combined with the morning service.) You could also pick up a copy from the church or from Alan and Wilene directly, at their home. 

The Membership Roll for Howick United Church has been misplaced. If anyone knows where it might be, that information would be very welcome. Otherwise we are going to have to try to reconstruct it. Please let Barbara or Alan or Wilene know if you have any ideas. 

The annual reports for Ormstown and Franklin have now been printed and are available in the churches or from Barbara at the manse. 

I have heard from Linda Macmillan Upton that the lunch program from the Legion on Monday and Wednesday is looking for more volunteers to fill in for some who will not be available in the coming weeks and months. If you could help out consistently, or even occasionally, she would be glad to hear from you. 

FYI: the United Church is inviting its members to support families for Family Day (marked by many provinces, though not Quebec) by giving to a ministry that supports families, such as those supported by the Mission and Service Fund, through your church givings, through Gifts with Vision, or perhaps a local organization such as La Bouffe Additionelle. If you have something to share, you could give this some consideration. 

Did you catch the beginning of the General Council meeting taking place online over the next several months? You can see it on the United Church’s YouTube channel and you can follow the discussions and decisions on the website: 

Saturday, February 12, 2022

February 13, 2022 The Sixth Sunday of Epiphany

 Happy St Valentine’s Day! Remember that St Valentine is a saint, believed to be a priest or bishop martyred for his faith whose example was of love, caring and faithfulness. So, no matter what kind of love we have to share and to show, let us celebrate it! 💞💕

Hymn.    Christ the Lord is Risen Today #157VU

Scripture Lessons:      Jeremiah 17:5-10

                                    Psalm 1 p.724VU

                                    I Corinthians 15:12-20

Hymn.     This Joyful Eastertide #177VU


Another excerpt from the United Church’s Song of Faith, the church’s most recent statement of faith: 
We sing of a church
   seeking to continue the story of Jesus
   by embodying Christ’s presence in the world.
We are called together by Christ
   as a community of broken but hopeful believers, 
   loving what he loved, 
   living what he taught, 
   striving to be faithful servants of God
   in our time and place, 
Our ancestors in faith
   bequeath to us experiences of their faithful living; 
   upon their lives our lives are built. 
Our living of the gospel makes us a part of this communion of saints, 
   experiencing the fulfillment of God’s reign
   even as we actively anticipate a new heaven and a new earth. 

The church has not always lived up to its vision. 
It requires the Spirit to reorient it, 
   helping it to live by grace rather than entitlement, 
for we are called to be a blessing to the earth. 

We sing of God’s good news lived out, 
a church with purpose: 
   faith nurtured and hearts comforted, 
   gifts shared for the good of all, 
   resistance to the forces that exploit and marginalize, 
   fierce love in the face of violence, 
   human dignity defended, 
   members of a community held and inspired by God, 
      corrected and comforted, 
   instrument of the loving Spirit of Christ, 
   creation’s mending. 
We sing of God’s mission. 

Prayer: O God, you call us to be an Easter people, even in the midst of winter, even in times of trouble and discouragement, you call us to draw on your resurrection power. You call us to draw on your resurrection power to raise us up from death to life; from despair to hope; and from sorrow to new joy. Sometimes, we confess, it is hard to believe, to understand, or to imagine how things might change or how good might come from trouble, and how our sins can be forgiven, but you call on us to persevere and to dare to hope, trusting that you will renew our tired spirits and flagging energy, that you will work to transform us, and through us our lives and our world. May the resurrection power you revealed in Christ’s rising up fill our hearts and minds and guide our living, our loving, and our serving, this day and always. Amen. 

Hymn.     The Day of Resurrection #164VU

The annual reports for 2021 for the Ormstown-Franklin Pastoral Charge have now been printed and are available. They can be found in our churches or can be picked up from Barbara directly. 

Keep in mind, that the opening of the United Church’s General Council is today. This time the council will be held entirely online and will be taking place over a number of weeks and months, until August 7th and you can follow the issues and the course of the discussions and decisions on the website: 

Did you know that this past week has been international Development Week? It is a time to remember and celebrate the way our church works, not just for our own members, but also for our brothers and sisters across our communities and all around the world. Whether it is through gifts given through the church’s Mission and Service Fund, or through associated organizations such as the Canadian Food Grains Bank or ACT (Action of Churches Together.) there is something to celebrate! Bringing education and opportunities  as well as help to people around the world.