Friday, November 25, 2022

Sunday, November 27, 2022 The First Sunday of Advent


Prayer for Lighting the Advent Candles (from the Iona Community’s Candles and Conifers, written by David Hamflett)

A candle burns, the first marker of our Advent journey. 
As we set out, May we travel hopefully. 
As we set out, God of journeys, travel with us. 

Hymn.      Come Thou Long-Expected Jesus #2VU

Scripture Lessons:      Isaiah 2:1-5

                                    Psalm 122 p. 845VU

                                    Matthew 24: 36-44


Prayer:  God, we come to you in our waiting. 
We wait with our fears, our anxieties and frustrations, our pains and our regrets, our shame and our confusion. God, help us to wait in peace. 

We wait with impatience: we rush around, preparing for the festivities, not leaving the space to prepare our hearts.God, help us to wait in faith. 

We wait in excitement: we are ready to celebrate! We know the story with its humbleness, simplicity, and wonder. God, help us to nurture our joy. 

We wait in thanksgiving: we are free and able to celebrate. We have others around us to share in the journey. We are able to wonder in the marvel of your gift. 
God, help us to receive your gift with love. Amen. (a prayer by Katrina Crosby, also printed in Candles and Conifers)

Hymn.      O Come O Come Emmanuel #1VU

There will be a Family Activity Day beginning at 11:00 on this Sunday, November 27th, including some worship and some intergenerational activities as well. We will end with a shared soup luncheon. Wilene Cullen is taking volunteers to bring soup, cheeses and crackers. Please let her know if you can help out. 

St Paul’s Stewards will meet on Wednesday, November 30th at 7:30 at the home of Wendy Denison. 

Worship Schedule: December 4. 9:30 Ormstown.   11:00. Howick
December 11.      9:30. Franklin.      11:00. Ormstown.    11:00.  Howick with Debbie Beattie
                             White Gift services in all 3 churches, children’s activities in the church in Ormstown.
December 18.      9:30. Howick.    11:00. Ormstown —Communion Sunday in both churches
                             7:30pm Candlelight Christmas Communion service in Franklin
December 24.     Christmas Eve services:  6pm. Howick.     8pm. Ormstown
December 25.      No Sunday service
January 1.             Regional Zoom service 10am, please contact Barbara for the link

There will be a Christmas potluck celebration held for the Howick UCW on Thursday, December 8th beginning at 6pm, in the church hall. Please call Marlene Stuckey to let her know what you will be bringing. 

Preparation of the goodie plates will be on Thursday, December 15th, beginning at about 9:45 in the church basement. 

Looks like we are going to be busy! Have a good week. B

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