Friday, May 24, 2024

Sunday, May 26, 2024 Trinity Sunday


Hymn.       Holy, Holy, Holy #315VU

Prayer:  O God our Maker, God beyond us, we adore you. You are the depth of all that is. You are the ground of our being. 

God the Redeemer, God beside us, we adore you. You are the perfection of humanity. You have shown us what human life can be. 

God the Spirit, God around us, we adore you. You are the power within us. You can make us the people we are meant to be. God our Maker Redeemer and Sustainer, God beyond, beside and around us, we adore you. Amen. (adapted from a prayer of approach from the UCC service book.)

Scripture Lessons:      Isaiah 6:1-8

                                    Psalm 29 p.756VU

                                    John 3:1-17

Hymn       God Reveal Your Presence #391VU


An Affirmation:  We believe in a loving God, whose Word sustains our lives. GOD IS LIFE. 

We believe in God’s Son amongst us, sowing the seed of life’s renewal. He lived with the poor to show the meaning of love. JESUS CHRIST IS LORD. 

We believe in the Holy Spirit of Life, making us one with God, renewing our strength with Her own. THE SPIRIT IS LOVE. ( written by John Harvey and printed in the Iona Community’s Fire and Bread)

Hymn.       Spirit of God, Descend upon my Heart #378

This Sunday’s services will be 9:30 in Franklin and 11:00 in Howick. Members of the Joint Board in Franklin are asked to meet at 9am, prior to the service to review and discuss plans for the closing service of the church. 

Many thanks to all who have helped out and supported the renovations in Howick United Church, undertaken in partnership with the Faithful Footprints program of the United Church. 

We hold in our thoughts and prayers the family of Margaret (Bryson) Littler who died this past week. 

The deadline for applying for  the Hugh Duncan and IFE bursaries from the Nakonhaka Regional Council is now approaching. The deadline is June 2nd. Application forms are available from our churches, from Barbara, and from the regional council website, 

There will be a pre-anniversary worship held in Metropolitan United Church will be held on Sunday, June 9th at 4pm. This service will also be live-streamed on the United Church YouTube channel. 

Next Sunday, June 2nd will be the anniversary service for Howick. We will hold our anniversary service, followed by a waffle and sausage L/Brunch. This will also be our opportunity to say our thank yous to Debbie Beattie and Sally Kyle for their leadership in our worship services over the years. 

St Paul’s Session will meet on Wednesday, June 5th at 7:30pm in the hall. 

There will be no Sunday service in Howick on June 9th, as it is Fair Sunday. 

On Sunday, June 23rd Howick United Church will hold an outdoor service (if the weather cooperates). This will also be a Communion service followed by lunch. There will also be an Open House held in the afternoon from 1-3:00 for those who would like to see the completed renovations in the church.

Sunday, June 30th will be a combined service for our 3 congregations. It will also be the closing service for the Franklin United Church. All are welcome to come and share in this celebration of their ministry. 

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