Friday, May 17, 2024

Sunday, May 19, 2023 Pentecost Sunday


Hymn      As Comes the Breath of Spring #373

Scripture Lessons:       Ezekiel 37:1-14

                                     Psalm 104:24-34, 35b p. p.827VU, pt 2

                                     Acts 2:1-21


Prayer: May the enthusiasm of the Spirit leap incessantly within you and help you to live a vibrant life. 

May the warmth of Spirit’s fire be extended through your concern and care for all those who need your love. 

May the blaze of Spirit’s courage enable you to speak the truth and to stand up for respect, dignity, and justice. 

May the undying embers of Spirit’s faithfulness support you when you feel spiritually dry and empty. 

May the strength of Spirit’s love sustain your hope as you enter the pain of our world. 

May the clear light of Spirit’s guidance be a source of effective discernment and decision-making for you. 

May Spirit’s patient endurance be yours while you wait for what is unknown to be revealed. 

May the steady flame of Spirit’s goodness within you convince you every day of the power of your presence with others. 

May the joyful fire of Spirit dance within you and set happiness ablaze in your life. 

May the spark of your relationship with Spirit catch fire in the hearts of those with whom you live and work. 

May you be mindful of the Eternal Flame within you. May you rely on this Source of Love to be your constant ally and steady guide. (a blessing for Pentecost by Joyce Rupp, published in Out of the Ordinary.) 

Hymn       Breathe on Me Breath of God #382

This Sunday’s services will be 9:30 in Howick and 11:00 in Ormstown. We will be celebrating Pentecost, one of the great festivals of the church calendar. 

On Monday, May 20th members of the Howick UCW are invited to come to help cleanup the kitchen after the renovations. We are in the home stretch now! 

On Wednesday, May 22nd a pilgrimage to Ottawa is being held to call for a fair and sustainable peace in the Middle East, with a number of leaders of national churches. Members of this regional council are invited to participate. 

Next weekend the Regional Council will be meeting and will also hold a Celebration of Ministry service at Montreal West United Church on Friday May 24th. Beryl Barraclough will be ordained at this service. If there are those who would wish to attend, you are requested to register so the planners will know how many people to expect. The service will also be available online. 

The deadline for applying for the Hugh Duncan and IFE bursaries is approaching. These bursaries are for university and college students who are confirmed members of the United Church of Canada. The deadline is June 2, 2024 and is available in our churches, on the regional council website ( or from Barbara. 

On Sunday, June 2nd Howick United Church will be holding its anniversary celebration, and will be followed by a lunch. Debbie Beattie will be present as well, so we can say our “Thank yous” to her. 

On Fair Sunday, June 9th there will be no Sunday service in Howick. There will be services in Franklin (9:30) and Ormstown (11:00).

Nakonhaka Regional Council will be offering a workshop on worship on Saturday, June 8th, from 9-4:00 at Cedar Park United Church in Pointe Claire. If you wish to attend, you are asked to register so the planners can prepare properly. 

On Sunday, June 9th at 4pm the United Church of Canada will be holding a special pre-centennial celebration to kick off our preparations for our centennial in 2025, at Metropolitan United Church in Toronto. This service will also be available online on the United Church’s YouTube channel. 

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