Saturday, February 24, 2024

Sunday, February 25, 2024 The Second Sunday of Lent


Hymn.       Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross #142VU

Scripture Lessons:      Genesis 17:1-7, 15, 16

                                    Psalm 22:23-31 p.746VU parts 3 & 4

                                    Mark 8:31-38


Prayer:  O God, we give you thanks and praise that you are a God who hears prayers and does not leave us alone in our sufferings. Instead you are with us. You provide the strength, the hope, and the comfort that we need. You help us to be faithful and resilient. You call us to help, encourage, and support one another. In Jesus you share not just our lives but our suffering and our sorrows and you lift us up to new life. May the cross of Jesus Christ be a source of faith and hope to us, this day and everyday. Amen. 

Hymn.      Beneath the Cross of Jesus #135VU

The annual reports are now ready for our 3 congregations. Please speak to Barbara or Wilene if you would like a copy. 

This Sunday’s services will be 9:30 in Franklin and 11:00 in Howick. 
Next Sunday March 3rd at 9:30 there will be a craft and activity day for St Paul’s in Ormstown which will take place in the hall along with the service. 
Next Sunday will also be the annual meeting for Howick United Church, in combination with the Sunday service, beginning at 11:00. 

Barbara will be preparing a newsletter for Sunday, March 3rd as well. If you have items that might be included, please try to let her know by February 29th. 

Sunday, March 10th will be the date for the annual meetings in Franklin (beginning at 9:00) and St Paul’s in Ormstown, beginning at (11:00). 

This year the schedule of services for the month of March and Holy Week for our three congregations will be changed somewhat:  
Sunday, March 24th Palm Sunday, there will be no service in Howick. Instead there will be Communion Sunday in both Franklin at 9:30 and Ormstown at 11:00 in the church. 
Sunday March 31st, Easter Sunday, there will be a combined service in Howick for all three congregations. 
In April we will return to our usual schedule. 

St Paul’s Stewards will be discarding a number of square card tables from the hall. Some are not usable, but others might still be useful to someone. If you would like to take one (or more) of these tables, please speak to a member of the Stewards. The space used to store them is needed for other purposes. 

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