Friday, May 28, 2021

Trinity Sunday, May 30, 2021

 Hymn       God RevealYour Presence #391VU

Scripture Lessons:      Isaiah 6:1-8

                                    Psalm 29 p.756VU

                                    John 3:1-17


Prayer:  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God, in perfect community, look now on us who look to you.... and hear our prayer for our community. 
Where there is falseness...... Smother it by your truth;
Where there is any coldness..... Kindle the flame of your love;
Where there is joy and hope..... Free us to share it together;
Where there is anything we will not do for ourselves..... Make us discontent until it is done. 
And make us one.... As you are one. Amen. (a prayer from the Iona Community.)

Hymn      God We Praise You for the Morning #415VU

Commissioning: You whom God has called, keep listening. 

You whom Christ has fed, live simply.

You whom the Spirit has filled, love completely,

And receive the blessing that awaits you. (by Eric Fairbrother of Aotearoa/ New Zealand

This week in Howick, we will be celebrating a Service of Confirmation for three new members: Blake Chan, Kelsey Sylvester, and Nash Templeton. We are delighted to welcome them into our congregation and as members of the United Church of Canada. 

The deadline for applying for the Hugh Duncan and the IFE bursaries offered through the Nakonhaka Regional Council is June 2, 2021. Application forms are available on the region’s website, Bursaries are available for college students (IFE) as well as university students (Hugh Duncan) who are confirmed members of a United Church congregation. 

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