Friday, February 5, 2021

February 7, 2020

 We are most of the way through the season of Epiphany as Lent begins after next Sunday. We are moving through winter and the sun is rising earlier each day. Let the light brighten and guide us on the way. 

Hymn   I Sing the Mighty Power of God #231VU

Scripture Lessons:     Isaiah 40:21-31

                                   Psalm 147:1-11 p.898-9 pt 1 VU



Prayer:  Lord God, creator of all seasons and seasons and ages, I praise you for all that is beautiful in this winter day of February coldness:  the strong, black patterns of trees standing tall, utter whiteness of snow as it layers the lawn, stillness broken only by the sound of the furnace and maybe a brave cheep of a snowbird, blue sky with morning pink still on its cheek, the bush under the rain spot drenched in ice. 

   Oh that is glistening with cold this morning, praise the Lord! All creatures snuggled away in nest s, caves, trees, praise the Lord! Oh, all people’s bundled in winter wear, scurrying to work, praise the Lord! Cars, trucks, and buses chugging along the highway, praise the Lord! Snowbirds all a fluff with thick winter warmth, praise the Lord! Cows, steers, and sheep on hillsides, braving cold, praise the Lord! Oh crunch and crackle of boots on frosty snowfall, praise the Lord! All ponds and lakes deeply frozen and lovely formed, praise the Lord! Little rabbits leaving deep footprints ‘neath my window, praise the Lord! 

   Yes, all the winter world, whose beauty we so often miss, whose weather we so often condemn, praise the Lord, and bless his holy name, for our world has wonders and tiny miracles if only our hearts as well as our eyes are open to see. Amen. (a prayer/psalm by Joyce Rupp, printed in Fresh Bread)

Hymn       Your Hands, O Christ #622VU

Thanks to all who got their reports in to me or to Evie for the annual reports. If your report is still outstanding, please speak to me or to Evie about when it may be ready. We will let you know when the reports are ready. 

I have some takers for the Confirmation class. If there are others who would be interested, please let me know so we can make plans for the classes(which will be taking place on ZOOM.)


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