Friday, February 26, 2021

Sunday, February 28, 2021

 This is the last Sunday (day!) of February, also known as Black History Month. I regret not seeing an opportunity to address the subject directly, but in the many historical figures, and modern day leaders, activists, and change-makers, whose stories we have heard, we can give thanks for the gifts of inspiration and leadership that they have provided and commit to working for a community and a world where everyone’s rights and needs and dreams are respected. 

Hymn    Standing on the Promises of God

Scripture Lessons:    Genesis 17:1-7,15,16

                                  Psalm 22:23-31p. 746VU pts 3 & 4

                                  Mark 8:31-38


Prayer: O God, you have called many different people from different places and situations to be your servants and your witnesses to the world. Help us to listen for your call, help us to follow where you lead us, even when it leads us to the cross, and help us to see you in our sisters and brothers and neighbours who share in this journey of faith with us. Help us to reach out to them as you reach out to us.  Above all, help us to trust in your promises, to wait with patience and hope, and to be ready to live as you have intended, in peace and in justice; in compassion and grace, all the days of our lives. In the name and spirit of our crucified Saviour we pray. Amen. 

Hymn     O Jesus I have Promised #120 VU

The Confirmation Class will begin this afternoon at 1:30 on Zoom. If there are those who still wish to participate, please contact me so I can send you an invitation. 

We offer our congratulations to the Rev. Joëlle Leduc and Ste Genevieve United Church who celebrated their new shared ministry with a covenanting service last Sunday. We hope this is the start of a blessed and fruitful ministry together. 

We hold in our thoughts and prayers the family and friends of the Rev. Malcolm Cogswell who died last Sunday. His burial will take place in Riverfield tomorrow. We remember with thanksgiving his ministry in Howick as well as his faithful ministry to the United Church in this region and to the church of Jesus Christ. 

Next Friday March 5th is World Day of Prayer. There will be no community service this year (next year, maybe?) but it is possible to connect online on 

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