Friday, January 29, 2021

January 31, 2021

 It strikes me that this Sunday would be a Sunday with a shared service among our 3 congregations. Instead, we will be meeting together in another way. May our shared faith continue to guide and strengthen us. 

Hymn    When Morning Gilds the Skies #339VU

Scripture Lessons: I Corinthians 8:1-13

Psalm 111 p.833VU

Mark 1:21-28


Prayer: Let us give thanks in the beginning of this year for the many ways in which our lives are supported day by day.

For familiar places and faces on the street, for warm homes and full cupboards, for friends and entertainment, for new challenges and past achievements, for good government and leadership and the absence of famine or war, we thank you God, and praise your holy name. 

Let us give thanks especially for those we love, whose loyalty we depend upon, whose faults and frailties we forgive, whose acceptance of our faults and frailties we wonder at, whose daily presence we so easily take for granted. For dearest and nearest, wherever they are, whoever they are, however they are, we thank you O God, and praise your holy name. Amen. ( a prayer written by John Harvey and printed in the Iona Community’s Hay and Stardust,  adapted.) 

Hymn     New Every Morning #405VU

We hold in our thoughts and prayers the victims and families of victims of the attack on the Grand Mosque of Quebec as we pause in remembrance this week. 

Many thanks to all who have prepared and delivered their annual reports. For those who have not yet completed or dropped off your reports yet, you can do so this week, or let me know when they might be ready. We do not yet have plans for the annual meetings, but we can get a sense of how this past year has gone by seeing how our congregations have continued to function in these difficult times. 

I have realized that Lent is coming up soon (beginning, I believe, February 17th this year) and this is a traditional time to prepare for Confirmation. Are there those who are interested in taking part in a Confirmation Class? It would need to take place on ZOOM as we cannot meet In person at the moment. You can let me know if you know of those who would be interested. 

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