Tuesday, January 12, 2021

January 17, 2021 3rd Sunday of Epiphany

 So, how is the curfew going for you? Does it inspire you to want to go for a moonlight stroll? Or does it really make little or no difference to you at all? Here’s hoping that it helps to make a difference and our numbers will go down and eventually, we can gather together once again! 

Hymn:     You Servants of God #342VU

Scripture Lessons:    I Samuel 3:1-10

                                   Psalm 139 p.861VU

                                  John 1:43-51

Hymn:      Lord Speak to Me #589VU


Prayer:  She sits working, needle and thread in hand. The coat of many colours, torn and tattered, is held tenderly across her knee. 

She works carefully. With each hole she anchors her thread, then weaves together the fragments of cloth, recreating the pattern. 

It must be strong, yet supple, so well integrated into the fabric to be almost invisible. A humble art. 

And all the while she sings, her blessing of peace and beauty holding all together. 

Your church is torn and tattered, Lord. Come, mend us, darn us together again into one, wonderful whole garment of praise for all the world to wear. Amen. (A prayer written by Silvia Purdie of Aotearoa New Zealand and published in Geoffrey Duncan’s Seeing Christ in Others an anthology for worship, meditation and mission.)

Hymn:    Will You Come and Follow Me #567VU

The time has come to think of our annual reports for this year. It may be quite different from other years, but we can still reflect on the year that was, what took place and what changes and challenges that we faced this year. If we could have any reports that people can prepare by the end of the month, we will pull them together and produce a report for people to review. Reports for Howick can go to Evie and reports for Ormstown and Franklin can go to Barbara. 

Did you know that the regional council of the United Church of Canada offers some programming for children, families and youth? There is children’s church at home held on Facebook at 9:30 and recordings can also be found on the region’s website, nakonhakaucc.ca, on the youth and young adult page. There is also a weekly youth group meeting held on Thursdays at 6:30pm. To participate, you need to contact the children and families resource person Shanna Bernier, through the region website. For more information, you can contact me, Barbara Bryce. 

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