Wednesday, September 30, 2020

October 4, 2020

 As we enter into another period of shutdown (but not quite lockdown) let’s try to stay connected with one another.  We may not be able to visit with one another, but we can keep in touch and support one another through this time and remember: We are not alone! 

You will notice that in the message, filmed earlier this week, I say that there will be public worship this Sunday. At this time, none of our churches are planning on holding public worship. The blog with worship materials will continue to be published.  Please keep in touch and we will try to let you know when things change. 

Hymn      When Morning Gilds the Skies #339VU

Scripture Lessons:  Psalm 19

                                Philippians 2:1-13



Lord, make our hearts places of peace and our minds harbours of tranquillity. Sow in our souls true love for you and for one another; and root deeply within us friendship and unity, and concord with reverence. So may we give peace to each other sincerely and receive it beautifully. Amen. from a Native American  tradition found in worship resources from the Iona Community. 

O Lord our God, listening to us here, you accept also the prayers of our sisters and brothers in Africa, Asia, the Pacific, the Americas, and Europe. We are all one in prayer. So may we, as one, carry out your commission to witness and to love in the church and throughout the world. Accept our prayers graciously, even when they are somewhat strange. They are offered in Jesus’ name. Amen. from the Ghanaian church, found in worship resources from the Iona Community. 

Hymn.   How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds #344VU

St Paul’s (Ormstown), Franklin and Howick United Churches have decided not to hold services for the month of October. With numbers of COVID climbing and people with reasons to be concerned, we have decided to suspend services for the time being, for the safety of all. We hope to be coming together soon, but felt that this was best at this time. Stay safe, everyone! 

 I have been reminded of the tradition, in Franklin and Ormstown, of collecting food on Thanksgiving Sunday for La Bouffe Additionelle, the local food bank. La Bouffe would welcome the food (especially pasta sauce, ready made meals such as KD, or fresh fruit and vegetables.) If you would like to my home, I will make sure that the food gets to La Bouffe. B

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