Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Thanksgiving 2020

 I hope this is a happy Thanksgiving for you, even though it may not be our usual celebration. We will not be gathering in our churches and we may not be gathering as extended families either, but I hope we can still find a reason to be thankful and to rejoice this weekend. Maybe it will be the beautiful world we live in or a contact or message from a friend or family member, or something else, something completely different. Whatever it is, I hope it fills your heart with joy and your prayers with thanks. 

Hymn.  We Plough the Fields and Scatter  #520VU

Scripture Lessons:     Philippians 4:4-9

                                   Matthew 22:1-11

Hymn     I Cannot Come


Hymn     Count Your Blessings

Prayer:  O God, our thanksgivings cannot be contained by a day or a weekend or even a month or a season. Even in a year like this one there is much to give thanks for: for life and health and home and family; for laughter and music and beauty and sharing.  We give thanks for the gift of faith that comforts us in our sorrows; heals our bruised and broken spirits; strengthens us in times of trouble; and that sustains us each and everyday. As we count our blessings and recognize your generosity and loving-kindness, we know we have so many reasons to give thanks, O God our maker and redeemer. Amen. 

While we are not holding public worship services at the moment, the church is not closed! Let me know if there is something we can be doing for you. 

Notice to Session members and Stewards in Ormstown: the Session members are called to attend a meeting in the church on their usual night and at the usual time: Tuesday, October 20th at 7:30pm. The Stewards will wait until the end of the month, to discuss some routine and emerging issues. The chair will in touch. 

Howick’s Stewards will meet on October 26th. 

If there are still those who would like to bring donations for La Bouffe Additionelle, our local food bank. I would be glad to receive them at my house and take them in next week. 

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