Friday, June 7, 2024

Sunday, June 9, 2024 The Third Sunday after Pentecost

 Not only is June Pride month, it is also Indigenous History Month as well. We give thanks for the generosity of the indigenous peoples who share knowledge of this land with us and seek reconciliation so we can live together with respect and justice. 

Hymn.      There is Sunshine in My Soul 

Scripture Lessons:       II Corinthians 4:13-5:1

                                      Psalm 138 p.860VU

                                     Mark 3:20-35

Hymn        Be Still My Soul #652VU


Prayer: God in whom we live and move and have our being: from sea to sea to sea we share in prayer; on this anniversary we give thanks for your care, your guidance, and correction. In this heritage of trust we pray for this United Church and for faithful living on this land, our Source of Life, Living Word, and Bonding Love. Amen. (a prayer written by Catherine MacLean for Union Sunday) 

I am leaning on the heart of God.
I am resting there in silence. 
All the turmoil that exhausts me
Is brought to bear on this great love. 

No resistance or complaint is heard
As I lean upon God’s welcome. 
There is gladness for my coming. 
There is comfort for my pain. 

I lean, and lean, and lean
Upon this heart that hurts with me.
Strength lifts the weight of my distress. 
Courage wraps around my troubles. 

No miracle of instant recovery. 
No taking away of life’s burdens. 
Yet, there is solace for my soul, 
And refuge for my exiled tears. 

It is enough for me to know
The heart of God is with me, 
Full of mercy and compassion, 
Tending to the wounds I bear. ( Joyce Rupp from Out of the Ordinary) 

Hymn.      Take Time to be Holy #672VU

This Sunday there is no service in Howick, but there will be services in Franklin (9:30) and Ormstown (11:00). 

This Wednesday, June 12th St Paul’s Stewards will meet in the hall at 7:30pm. 

There will be no Official Board meeting this year for the Ormstown-Franklin Pastoral Charge, due to the closing of the Franklin congregation. 

Sunday, June 23rd will be Communion Sunday in our congregations. Franklin will be celebrating a traditional communion service. Howick will be (hopefully) holding its annual outdoor service, on the church property, with Communion. This will be followed by a lunch for attendees then the public Open House for the community to see the renovations that have been completed with the help of the United Church’s Faithful Footprints program. 
Also, St Paul’s in Ormstown has now been approved for the Faithful Footprints program as well. 

Please keep in mind the Strawberry Takeout that St Paul’s will be holding Thursday, June 27th from 5-7pm in the hall. The costs will be $10 for adults and $6 for children. 
The Bee to prepare the strawberries will be Wednesday, June 26th. Officially this will begin at 1:00, but the strawberries are expected at about 11:00, so come when you can! Please bring your own bowls, knives, and apron, if you can. 

There will be a celebration for Bill Templeton’s 90th birthday on June 29th from 1-4pm at his home at 25 Prince Arthur St. Please drop by for a few minutes or longer to wish him a happy birthday. 

Franklin United Church will be holding its final service Sunday, June 30th at 11:00 and will be followed by a lunch. Please join us to help us celebrate the legacy of faithfulness of this congregation. 

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