Friday, May 12, 2023

Sunday, May 14, 2023 The Sixth Sunday of Easter

 Today is of course, Mother’s Day or Christian Family Sunday. We give thanks for the gifts of life and love often learned and experienced in families, whether in the families we are born into, the families we choose and make together, or both. 💞

Hymn      Praise My Soul the God of Heaven #240VU

Prayer:  Loving God, like a mother you are always watching over us, always caring for us. On this day, we pray for all those who are like mothers to us— all of those women who wipe away tears, who teach and guide us, who hold us and hug us and listen to our stories and tell us their wisdom. For mothers and grandmas, aunties and big sisters, neighbours and friends, who show us your love in their words and actions, we offer thanks, and ask you to bless the. Amen. (from Seasons of the Spirit 2004)

Scripture Lessons:     Acts 17:22-31

                                   Psalm 66:8-20

                                   John 14:15-21


Prayer:  We thank you, O God, for our family and for what we mean and bring to one another. We are grateful for the bonds of loyalty and affection which sustain us and for the capacity to love and to care. Help us to be modest in our demands of one another, but generous in our giving to one another. May we never measure how much love or encouragement we offer; may we never count the times we forgive. Rather, May we always be grateful that we have one another and that we are able to express our love in acts of kindness. 
      Keep us gentle in our speech. When we offer words of criticism, May they be chosen with care and spoken softly. May we waste no opportunity to speak words of sympathy, of appreciation, of praise. Bless our families with health, happiness and contentment. Above all, grant us the wisdom to build a joyous and peaceful home in which your spirit will always abide. Amen. ( a prayer from Temple Beth Emanuel in Montreal) 

Hymn.    Love Divine #333

This week there are services in all three of our churches: 9:30 in Franklin, 11:00 in Ormstown and 11:00 in Howick with Debbie Beattie. Hope you all have a happy Mother’s Day, however you choose to celebrate it. 

This coming week the St Paul’s Stewards will be meeting on Wednesday, May 17th in the hall at 7:30pm. 

Howick’s Stewards will be meeting the following Wednesday, May 24th in the church hall at 7pm. 

Unit B of the Howick UCW will be meeting for a soup lunch at the home of Thyra Ness Wednesday, May 24th at 11:45. 

The deadline for beginning or renewing a subscription to Broadview is approaching, May 28th. The cost is $25 for a year’s subscription. Please get cash or cheque (made out to Howick United Church) to Wilene Cullen or you may make an e-transfer to, including your name and address for the subscription.

Georgetown Presbyterian Church will be holding a flower and plant sale Monday, May 22nd from 9:-12:00. Hanging baskets and bedding plants will be sold on a first come, first served basis. For more information, please call Amy at 450-825-2872. 

May 14th is the application deadline for the Youth Climate Motivators that the United Church is hiring this summer. Applicants need to be between 14 and 19 years of age and will work with faith communities across the country. More information and the application form is available on the Job and Volunteer Opportunites page on the United Church website, 

The application deadline for the IFE and Hugh Duncan bursaries is June 1st. The bursaries are provided by the Nakonhaka Regional Council to confirmed members of the United Church who are attending college or university. Application forms are available on the regional council website, or you may speak to Barbara and she will provide one. 

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