Saturday, April 22, 2023

Sunday, April 23, 2023 The Third Sunday of Easter

 In honour of Earth Day, a few selections

Hymn       All Creatures of our God and King #217

Prayer:  God of the heavens and the earth, with joy we praise you, we thank you, we honour you. 
Because you have made us like yourself, made us to be creative in your world, we praise you. 
Because you have freed us through Jesus, freed us to be people of light and love, we thank you. 
Because your Spirit is present with us, present to guide and renew, we honour you. 
God of the heavens and the earth, with joy we praise you, we thank you, we honour you for ever. Amen. 

Hymn       Fairest Lord Jesus #341

Prayer:  Generous and loving God, we thank you for your blessings without number. 
We bless you for the beauty of creation: for day and night, for summer and winter;
   for sun and rain, for seed-time and harvest;
   for your bounty supplying all our needs. 
We bless you for protecting us in our weakness, and renewing our strength of spirit; for guiding us as we resist evil, and calling us to your truth, and to your service. 
We praise you for sending Jesus to be among us:  for his life on earth, and the lessons he found there; for his sufferings and death, which revealed to us the height and depth and breadth of your love for us; for his resurrection to new life and the gift of your Holy Spirit. 
Grant, O God, that our hearts may grow in thankfulness for these and all your gifts of grace, so that as the people of new life, we may proclaim your praise; in Jesus’s name. Amen. 

Hymn       For the Beauty of the Earth #226

This week Barbara is on educational leave and Debbie Beattie will be leading the Sunday services in Franklin (9:30) and Howick (11:00). Many thanks Debbie! 
Barbara will be back in the office on Monday. 

Next Sunday will be a combined service in Ormstown. The service will begin at 11:00 and there will be a time of fellowship, beginning at 10:30 in the church. 

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