Thursday, June 23, 2022

Sunday, June 26, 2022


Hymn      Love Divine #333

Scripture Lessons:        II Kings 2:1-14

                                      Psalm 77

                                      Galatians 5:1, 13-25

Hymn.         Jesus Bids Us Shine #585


Prayer:  Some times and places prompt me to pray: 
      paddling along a beach;
      lying on my settee with my cat purring on my stomach; 
      looking at the moon and the stars; 
      walking barefoot through a field of butter ups; 
      sitting in a church, watching the sun shine through coloured glass
      and making changing patterns on stones; 
      smelling bluebells in woods after it’s been raining; 
      curling up warm and cosy when it’s dark and cold outside. 

Some times and places prompt me to pray. 
Words come joyfully and easily. 
Wow!  Beautiful! Thank you, God! Amazing! Amen. ( a prayer written by Ruth Burgess and printed in the Iona Community’s Bare Feet and Buttercups, resources for Ordinary Time)

Hymn.      O Master Let Me Walk with Thee #560

Please note that this Sunday’s service will NOT be held at the Knox Cemetery in St Louis as with this week’s rain it is believed that the road in would not stand up to the traffic. Please join us in Howick and we will worship outside if the weather cooperates. 

This Sunday’s service will be the last service before August as Barbara will be on holiday in July. There will be services alternating between Riverfield and Beechridge churches through the summer. Riverfield’s services are held at 10am and Beechridge’s services are held at 1:30 in the afternoon. Beechridge’s services will be held July 3, 17, and 31st and Riverfield’s services will be held on July 10th and 24th. 

Congratulations to Carmen Lansdowne who has been selected as the new Moderator for the United Church. She will be installed later this summer and serve for 3 years, until a new Moderator is chosen by the next General Council. 

St Paul’s United Church will once again hold its Strawberry Social this year, but as a takeout only version. The Social will be held Thursday, June 30th in the hall, starting at 5pm until the berries run out. The prices will be $8 for adults and $5 for children 5-10. 
There will also be a Bee to fix the strawberries held Wednesday, June 29th at 1pm in the hall. Please bring knives and bowls to use if you are able to help out. 

You might also keep in mind Huntingdon United Church’s Ice Cream Social, which will be held on July 7th in the Huntingdon United Church. 

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