Thursday, May 26, 2022

May 29, 2022 The Seventh Sunday of Easter


Hymn       Blest be the Tie that Binds #602VU

Prayer: Lord, teach us to pray. 
   Help us to come with boldness to the throne of grace. 
   Make us conscious of your presence in our midst. 
   Give us the freedom of the Holy Spirit. 
   Enlarge our vision and increase our faith. 
   And May our words and our thoughts be now acceptable in your sight, O Lord our rock and our redeemer. Amen ( a prayer by Frank Colquhoun from Contemporary Parish Prayers.)

Scripture Lessons:       Acts 16:16-34

                                     Psalm 97 p.817VU

                                     John 17:20-26


Prayer: God of history, you share our joys and crushing sorrows, you hear the cries of the afflicted, you fill the hungry, and you set free the oppressed. We pray for an end to all injustice and violence. Inspire us with the all-embracing love of God, challenge us with the sacrificial love of Jesus, empower us with the transforming love of the Spirit, that we and all God’s children may live and be free. Amen. (a prayer from the Iona Community’s Iona Abbey Worship Book, adapted.)

Hymn      What a Friend We Have in Jesus #664


This Sunday May 29th there will be a single combined service for our three congregations to be held in Howick United Church at 11am. All are welcome to come and share our celebration. 

Next Sunday will be Pentecost Sunday. There will be a 9:30 service in Ormstown and in Howick it will also be Anniversary Sunday, with an 11:00 service and a light lunch to follow. There will not be a service in Howick on June 12th due to the Ormstown Fair. There will be services held in Franklin (9:30) and in Ormstown (11:00). 

The deadline is approaching for those who would like to apply for the Hugh Duncan or IFE bursaries through the Nakonhaka Regional Council. The deadline is June 3rd and is available to confirmed members of the United Church of Canada. More information and the application form are available at the region’s website (, in our churches, or by contacting Barbara directly. 

Also, it is still possible to register to attend the UnitedSpiritCamp offered through the Regional Council. The camp will be held June 26- July 2nd for young people between the ages of 8-15. The camp will be held at Camp Biblique d’Action  near Richmond QC. The cost for the camp is $400. and help with this cost may be made available. The registration form is available in our churches or online at the camp’s website. 

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