Friday, April 30, 2021

May 2, 2021 The Fifth Sunday of Easter

 This coming week has been declared to be Mental Health Awareness Week by the United Church. It acknowledges the toll that the last year may have taken on many of us, either because of the demands made of us, or the isolation we have faced, or the losses we have experienced without being able to follow the usual rituals. We acknowledge as well the challenges of living with anxiety or depression or other mental illnesses or conditions. The United Church is offering a number of live webinars on its Facebook page from 12-1:00 EDT on wellness and the medicine wheel, anxiety, guided mediation (in French) and trauma fatigue as well as a blogpost from Amy Strickland. Take a look, if you would like. 

Hymn    All People that on Earth Do Dwell #822VU

Scripture Lessons:    Acts 8:26-40

                                  Psalm 22:25-31

                                  John 15:1-8


Prayer:  O God, we give you thanks for sending us Jesus, who comes to be our True Vine, grounding and rooting us in you and giving us a chance to live and grow in love, in wisdom, in understanding, and in compassion. We pray that we will know you live in us as we live and abide in you and so we will be enabled to be your witnesses to the world, to reveal your love, mercy, and faithfulness in the way of your Son Jesus. Help us to bear the fruits of this love in the words we speak, in the actions we choose, and in the love we share. Help us to be true and faithful witnesses of you and for you, now and always. Amen. 

Hymn.      In Christ There is No East or West #606 VU

A reminder: the deadline for theHugh Duncan and IFE bursaries for university and college students is coming up, on June 4th. If you want to apply, the applications are available on the region’s website ( or you can let me know and I will provide a copy. Barbara

The United Theological College will be holding a virtual convocation this week, Wednesday, May 5th at 2pm. We can hold the students, graduates and faculty in our prayers, and it is possible to attend the convocation on zoom. The college is going through changes as it moves into a union with the Diocesan College under one Principal and in one building. 

Still looking for a gift for someone who has everything (or more than everything) that they need? You can make a gift to support families through the United Church and an e-card will be sent to your recipient, a mother, grandmother, aunt, godparent or whoever you choose. There is also an offline version. 

The United Church is planning to hold a service to lament forced or coerced adoptions through its maternity homes next Sunday, May 9th at 3pm ET on its YouTube channel. The Moderator will offer an apology on the church’s behalf. 

We continue to hold the family of Rosemary Hooker in our thoughts and prayers, following her death last week. A private service has been held for her immediate family. 

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