Thursday, March 7, 2024

Sunday, March 10, 2024 The Fourth Sunday of Lent

 Hope you had a happy International Women’s Day! 💐

Hymn      O God How We Have Wandered #112

Scripture Lessons:       Numbers 21:4-9

                                     Psalm 107:1-3, 17-22

                                     John 3:14-21


Prayer:  O God, who loves the world, you hold all that you have created within your compassionate embrace as you hold each life torn by pain or sorrow or hatred within your aching heart. 

O God, who loves the world, we want to believe that snakes in the grass can be transformed into symbols of healing, but we are afraid trust in your great goodness. 

O God, who loves the world, we cry out for wholeness, for ourselves, for those we love, and for our world. 

May your healing presence gently transform the hidden places of our lives where we hold pain in the secret depths. 

May your loving presence be a comforting reality for all those who find themselves in despair, lost and alone. 

May your transforming presence create generosity in place of greed, harmony in place of hatred, and everlasting justice where now evil reigns. 

O God, who loves the world, we bring before you from the silence of our own aching hearts those people and places that most need your healing, loving, transforming presence. (Silence) 
O God, who loves the world, this is your world and we claim your power and your presence to make it whole. Amen. ( a prayer by Cora Krommenbrook, printed in Keri Wehlander’s Courage for Hallelujahs)

Hymn      Amazing Grace #266

This Sunday’s services are Howick at 11:00 with Debbie Beattie and in Franklin and Ormstown we will be combining our Sunday service with our annual meetings. In Franklin we will begin at 9am (remember, this is Spring Forward Sunday) and in Ormstown, we will begin at 11am. 

Holy Week Worship schedule:  
Palm Sunday March 24   9:30 Franklin      11:00 Ormstown  Communion Sunday in both churches
                                        (Please note, no service in Howick, though it is a 4th Sunday)    
March 31.  11:00 Combined Easter Sunday service in Howick with Communion in the sanctuary. 
                   Coffee and munchies at 10:30. 

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