Friday, December 3, 2021

Sunday, December 5, 2021 The Second Sunday of Advent


Candlelighting: A candle burns, the sign of your Word. God of the prophets, come to us again this Advent. 
May your Word be a lamp to our feet and a light on our path. ( from the Iona Community’s Candles and Conifers.) 

Hymn:      Hark the Glad Sound #29VU

Scripture Lessons:       Malachi 3:1-4

                                     Luke 1:67-79 p.900VU

                                     Luke 3:1-6


Prayer:  Child of promise 
Revealer of God come
Bringer of life come 
Come to the beaten and the battered
Come to the despised and the rejected
Come to all in whom the divine image is still distorted
We wait in joyful expectation
Come not as a distant emperor but as a helpless babe
Come not as a prince in a golden palace, but as a displaced and frightened refugee
Come not as a man of power, but in love and compassion 
Come to those outcast like shepherds in the field
Come to the rich and poor, young and old, male and female 
We wait in hopeful anticipation 
Come to bless all creation with your love
Come to bring salvation to the earth
Come to rule with Justice and in peace
Come, child of promise, open the windows of our hearts
Come Christ of compassion open the doors of our churches
Come prince of peace, open the pathways to our lives
We wait with all the people of the earth
Child of hope we welcome your coming
Child of life we welcome your coming
King of glory we welcome your coming. (by Christine Sine and printed in the Mission and Service Advent newsletter, 2012)

Hymn:      Hark the Herald Angels Sing   #48VU

FYI: Some plans have been made for the Advent-Christmas season, and some are still to be made:

Next Sunday, December 12th will be White Gift Sunday in Franklin and Ormstown. 

December 19th will be Communion Sunday in Howick. In Ormstown we will hold a hybrid service, both inside the sanctuary and also broadcast to the parking lot via FM transmitter (frequency 87.7) Franklin is planning to hold a Candlelight Christmas Communion service at 7:30pm. 

St Paul’s will not be holding a Christmas Eve service this year. 

More decisions still to come. 

Keep in mind that there are Gifts with Vision catalogues available in our churches and there are even more choices available on their online catalogue found at gifts with, including giving vaccines to people around the world. 

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