Friday, December 18, 2020

Sunday, December 20, 2020

 Please note that the frequency I had been telling people to use in our drive-in services in Ormstown (December 20th) and Howick (December 27th) at 11am has been changed. It will now be 87.9 (the same frequency used at the Fairgrounds earlier this month).

As we continue to move through the season of Advent, we prepare to celebrate. We celebrate light in a season of darkness.    

We prepare to welcome Jesus who comes to be the light of the world. 

We pray for God’s light to guide us and lead us and we seek to let our light shine for others so they may know God’s love and grace. 

Today we light a candle, the candle of love. May God’s light shine upon us and fill us with love, this day and forevermore. Amen. 

Hymn     Angels from the Realms of Glory #36VU

Scripture Lessons:    II Samuel 7:1-11, 16

                                  Psalm 89:1-4, 19-26

                                  Luke 1:26-38

Hymn        Gentle Mary Laid her Child #46VU


Prayer:  Incarnate Christ, be born in us this Christmas! 

May my will be as Mary’s, saying ‘yes’ to your ways; my mind as Joseph’s open to your unfolding revelation. May my voice be as the angels’, joyfully proclaiming Good News; my knees as the animals’ quietly bent in adoration. May my feet be as the shepherds’, running eagerly to find you; my hands as the wise men’s, offering up all that I have. May my heart be as the manger, poor yet containing heaven’s greatest treasure; my life as a stable, hallowed and expanded by your presence. 

Incarnate Christ, be born again in me this Christmas! Amen.  (a prayer by Pat Bennett and published by the Iona community in Hay and Stardust.) 

Hymn        Hark the Herald Angels Sing #48VU

I hope that wherever and however you are observing Christmas this year, it will be a celebration. God bless and keep you all! 

We are planning to hold drive-in church services this Sunday and next Sunday, December 20th and 27th, at 11am in the morning. This Sunday, December 20th we will be at St Paul’s in Ormstown and next Sunday, December 27th we will be in Howick. The plan is to drive to the church, park in the parking lot, tune your radio (FM band) to 87.9 and listen to the service. I will be in the church speaking. It might feel a little strange, (it will for me, speaking to an empty church!) but it is a way of feeling together while still keeping everybody safe. It is intended that people stay in their car, to prevent any spread of the virus or any appearance of gathering. I hope this helps us to feel a little more “Christmassy”

I will also post a blog for Christmas Eve, including the Christmas story, for those who would like to hear that as part of their Christmas Eve celebration. 

Still looking for a gift? You might consider a “Gift with Vision” a contribution to the Mission and Service Fund and its projects. You can make a gift online at

I want to thank everyone who contributed food for the Christmas baskets and winter mitts, hats, etc., for the Mitten Tree. They will be greatly appreciated. 

You can see the wreath put up by the Cameron family and the lights around the door put up by the Greig family. Thank you all! 

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