Thursday, August 20, 2020

August 23, 2020

 We are now preparing to resume public worship. There will be a service this Sunday, hopefully outside in the Howick parking lot at 11am. If you choose to come, please bring your own chair and mask, and anything else you may need. Masks are required to enter and leave the site. We will provide hand sanitizer onsite and will be observing the Social distancing protocols recommended by the government. We will also be keeping a register of who has attended in case contact tracing becomes necessary. There will be no congregational singing in the service, but we will include some music, either performed or recorded. If it is not wise for some to join us, the videos on our blog will continue. 

Beechridge Presbyterian Church will be holding its first service of the season indoors in the church in the afternoon at 1:30pm. Space will be limited due to social distancing and all government protocols will be observed: masks, hand sanitizing, etc. 

Next week Riverfield will be holding an outdoor service at 10:15am before the construction on their building begins. Once again, please bring your own chair and mask. Social distancing will be observed and hand sanitizer provided.  In case of rain, the service will be cancelled. 

Indoor services will begin in our 3 churches in September. September 6th Ormstown and Howick will begin at 9:30 and 11:00 respectively and Franklin the following week at 9:30. Our regular schedule of services will be followed, though services will probably be briefer. Once again, the video messages will continue online. If you are concerned for your health, or you are feeling unwell or have been in contact with someone who is showing symptoms, please stay home. Masks will be required to enter and leave the church and Some pews have been blocked to maintain social distance. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrance and a register of attendees will be kept in case contact tracing is required. At present, no children’s programs will be offered. During the service, no congregational singing will be included or bulletins provided, according the church recommendations. Doors and windows will be open to facilitate ventilation. We look forward to being able to gather together to join together in worshipping God, in offering our praise and thanksgivings. 

Hymn  Great is Thy Faithfulness #288VU

Scripture Lessons: Exodus 1:8-2:10

Psalm 124 p.848VU

Romans 12:1-8


Hymn: Who is on the Lord’s Side? #365 Hymnary

Prayer:  O God, in the midst of uncertain and changing times, we pray to you. 
  We pray to you for hope in the midst of fear; for direction in the midst of confusion; 
  We pray for courage in the midst of change; and for strength in the midst of uncertainty. 
Help us to see and know how you call us to live, to serve, and to love one another.  
Help us to know that you are with us always, that you are on our side, even when we feel alone. 
And help us to follow in the way of our Saviour, Jesus the Christ, who calls us to faithfulness and forgiveness, to watchfulness and witness. 
Be with all who call on you this day, and with all of us who rely on your strength, your wisdom, and the power of your Holy Spirit, now and always. Amen.

Hymn: God who Gives to Life its Goodness #260VU

Please keep in mind the special appeals the United Church has launched: for a response to COVID-19 in the Southern Hemisphere and also for the people of Beirut and Lebanon. Contributions can be made online, by phone with a credit card or by mail with a cheque marked on the front of the cheque specifying which appeal it is intended for. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated. 

The Treasurers of our congregations have also been grateful and appreciative of the faithfulness and thoughtfulness of our members in dropping off and mailing in contributions to our congregations. This has been helpful through these difficult times. Thank you!

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